Week 6. Final Drawing Series and Reflection – Thurs. Class

Today in class we spent our time writing up our reflection of this assessment and finishing off our final images ready for submission.  After 6 weeks worth of work, these are my final images for my drawing series. and reflection.


Plan 1_Brittany BowditchPlan 2_Brittany Bowditch


Section 1_Brittany BowditchSection 2_Brittany Bowditch


Elevation 1_Brittany BowditchElevation 2_Brittany Bowditch


Perspective 1_Brittany BowditchPerspective 2_Brittany Bowditch

Moving Through Space:

Moving Through Space_Brittany Bowditch



After completing this assessment, I have found that I am proud of myself for coming up with such a unique spatial design.  I challenged myself with having my ritual as a shower, then having my space as the Wellington Cable Car, but I am proud of my results. During the 6 weeks I also created many physical models which is something I normally shy away from, however I had fun making them, and am proud of the outcome. If I were able to have 2 more weeks for this project, I think the main thing I would change would be the quality and details of the cable car in my SketchUp models as it was very basic. Maybe I could have been more creative and spent more time on my final drawings to improve them, given the chance. A new perspective I have gained from the experience of this project is an appreciation for the quirky and sometimes deemed “irrelevant” installations or pieces of art around the town. I now understand that more work than I thought goes into those projects, and the meanings behind some of them are phenomenal.


A strength of my consideration of protocols of dwelling is that I created a way for an aspect of a ritual as private as a shower come to life in an interactive way, as well as it being in a public place. I thought carefully about the design of it so it seemed fun and approachable for the public in hopes that people would start looking at their daily rituals and a new different way. I do have a feeling that other tourists from other cultures may not appreciate the project as a shower may seem too private and intimate for someone to be so publicly having a say that this should be the topic of an installation. This would be my weakness as I definitely designed this for the New Zealand happy-go-lucky attitude towards new things, but others with stricter cultures may take offence and feel that their personal space is being invaded. My only strength for recognising the narrative of my chosen site was doing something totally different to the other people that chose “access way between Lambton Quay and The Terrace,” by choosing to use the Wellington Cable Car as my site. I did not think beforehand about the many restrictions it would give me, such as being unable to find exact measurements of the car, the fact it was an enclosed space, and that there is usually no time of day where the car is empty for me to go and take photos. This was a major weakness for me, and probably be biggest weakness of the project. Precedents for my work was something I did not really look into which is a weakness to my work and let my project down in a way. I think I could have done a better proposal if had had looked for some artist precedents instead of solely going off the ideas in my head. My strength was probably providing quite a bit of context on my blog as to why I made certain decisions about my project and made clear my idea behind it. I do think I put some of my own context within my work, especially in the earlier stages of this project where I took an audio and a stop motion video of me carrying out my chosen ritual, taking a shower. These show personal context as it is me performing the act and that it is unique in the way that I am the only person that follows my certain routine during the ritual. The media I used to describe qualities of the proposal was appropriate in my opinion and I tried to make an effort to clarify things my putting pieces of writing detailing a certain part or event into my blog posts. This was my strength, but I feel my weakness was describing the different materials and scale for my final SketchUp models since I don’t think I communicated those ideas well enough. I feel like I had good engagement in the classes I attended where I wasn’t sick. I had a lot of fun and always got stuck into making things or drawing when we were given those types of exercises which I think was one of my strengths. My weakness for this was definitely getting off topic and letting my mind wander whenever there was a more research based class exercise. It is something I am trying to work on.


I found that sketching and modelling worked well for me in getting a range of ideas out there. Sketching is quick and easy where I can quickly regurgitate all my thoughts and ideas onto the page, however I preferred modelling for developing those ideas. In the end, I have 4 models if my proposed spatial installation, and I especially enjoyed making my final one as my ideas grew and evolved as I was creating it. Over the weeks I made a few audio and video recordings for my site documentations, but I did not find these helpful as they more seemed like something I just had to do rather than a useful tool to get ideas from. I also didn’t like the extra hassle it was to try get the videos and audio on my blog, which I have to first upload them to vimeo and create links to my post etc. Model making is definitely a strategy I will take away with me and use more of in the future. It was not only helpful, but I was able to just create and not think, so I was able to watch TV shows or movies whilst making them which I found relaxing. All in all, although I think I could have done a lot better and used better time management skills, I am pleased with how my project turned out in the end.


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