Week 5. Improving My Design – Thurs. Deliverables

In response to receiving feedback from class today, I decided to recreate the original model in a few ways. I took into consideration about how much the structure should cover the face, to which my response was having the petals have more of a floppy texture that allows the petals to move and bend around the face, encasing the head inside. From here I have redone the individual petal form, giving it correct dimensions, but also adding small windows to the bottom of them which adds some detail, and allows the user to see out if they choose. I also went through different colours and textures. I also started to develop the pole/rope that allows it to hang from the ceiling in the cable car.

Resizing of Component:

With the new dimensions, the petal is 40cm long, and 24 cm wide, with the windows being 10cm long and 4cm wide. The windows are 6.1cm from the bottom, and 2.3cm from the centreline.

Choosing of Texture/Colour:

Top Row: water texture, dark leaf green, enamel white

Middle Row: pastel purple, sunset orange, pink

Bottom Row: quartz light grey, wood, stainless steel

All these different colours I tried helped me in deciding what I type of look I want this design to have, whether it be something patterned like the wood or water, or something plain and bright like the colours which show off more of the flower aspect. I have decided to go for plain white as that, and the windows remind me of the shower which is the ritual I am basing this design around. It will be a smooth texture, with an enamel-like shine to it, but be a flexible material. It also gives off a startling, contrasting look, as I want this experience to be enjoyable, but also the type of installation that surprises people and makes them apprehensive.


This is the structure I designed to suspend the head piece from the ceiling. The sphere in the middle allows you to adjust how wide open or ‘blooming’ the head piece by twisting it back and forth. The top part of the pole will be extendable/retractable, however I have gone with wood for the texture as it ties in with the preexisting colours of the cable car.


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