Week 5. Drawing Series Feedback – Thurs. Class

In class today we presented our drafts in groups and received feedback from the tutors. The feed back I received was helpful and gave me a lot to think about as I had felt very lost and unsure about my idea/concept. Here are the points and suggestions brought up in our conversation about my work.

  • Placing an image on someones head instead of silhouette – make it more real
  • Show range of people using the space?
  • Perspective shown from person sitting down on the front left side of cable car, across to the other side (person shown in moving through space drawing)
  • Where are you drawing from, think about the perspectives
  • colours/what do they look like
  • work with the grid structure, play with it
  • section, how are they fixed to the ceiling/wall
  • could it be more enclosed? Channel hooded upright Bonnet hair dryer – 50’s salon
  • can you see out of it?
  • sensory perception: movement of flowers eg. blooming; texture of flowers
  • what other sensory experiments?

With all this to think about, I need to move forward with my design and make some decisions and to what will produce the best outcome for this spatial installation.


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