Week 5: Archdaily Drawing Analysis – Mon. Class

Today in class we had a look at Archdaily.com at their Best Architectural Drawings of 2016 to get a sense of the different types of drawings we could do for our final proposal/submission. It was interesting to see the different types of artworks that are considered drawings and the possibilities as to what we can do that will suit our project and its collective aesthetic. From this we were asked to choose 3 drawings and think about what different mediums/skills were used to create the image.


These are screenshots of a work by SO Architecture where they presented a gif (animated image that is looped to repeat itself) of this design as a whole,then as it split in half to show an inside perspective of the building. I like this work because has a different presentation method that isn’t seen too much, as well as the fact it is a clean cut image that is easy to read and analyse. The loop is helpful as it keeps switching between the full and split version of the drawing which makes situating the inside of the building in relation to the outside much easier. I think that this was created by a program like SketchUp as it shows clean cut lines and a CAD drawing style. I also liked this drawing because it is of what seems to be a residential building which is the type of design I am most interested in.


This image is a rendering of Le Signe National Centre for Graphic Design by Moatti Riviere. I chose this drawing as I enjoy looking at the two different architecture styles within the one image. On the left there is an old style building that has details and a patterned structure, but it flows into a more modern futuristic building on the right hand side. To me this shows the movement of growing old but staying connected to your roots. The drawing is rendered, probably in a program similar to Indigo and definitely created through CAD. I like that there is colour in this picture and that it reflects realism and what it would be like in the real world. Scale is shown through the addition of human forms as well as trees. The image gives us a lot of detail about the context of the building as well as what materials will be used to recreate the drawing in real life.


Depicted in the image above is Aabybro School created by CEBRA in a very stylistic perspective drawing. I like the child-like approach to the drawing as it makes it fun and also an interesting change from the usual structured and geometric architectural drawings. The natural lines and style draw me in as it seems there is a lot going on where you have to look closer to see everything. I think this image is hand drawn, however it maybe have been gone over in photoshop as the dark lines and white background show a high contrast and are non streaky which is an aspect I do not think can be achieved by a pencil or pen drawing. This image would appeal to a multiple of ages as kids would be drawn to the image style which is similar to their own. You really gain an understanding for how the space is intended to be used and the various small details about it.

* Note: all images are sourced from archdaily.com from their Best Architectural Drawings of 2016 gallery




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