Week 3: Preparing for Interim – Thurs. Deliverables

As I have been unwell over the weekend, I did not get the work done that I needed to regarding having some images to show for interim presentation (which I will not attend as I am still unwell). Instead, I focused more on coming up with an installation concept for my proposal, and the ideas behind it. As my ritual is a shower, thinking of an idea to combine both my ritual and the space was challenging, especially since they are such different spaces and rituals that occur within the space. because of this I wrote a list of all the similarities and difference I could think of regarding the two experiences.

The List:


The Idea:

One of the main aspects to taking a shower is the sensory experience. The sound, the feeling of the water through your hair and on your body, the smells of shampoos and soap, the list goes on and on. One of my favourite feelings is that feeling of the warm water running over your head, where it lightly massages your scalp and feels relaxing. As I, and many other people, find this experience so pleasant, I wanted to find a way of allows this experience, which is usually something private, to be brought into my site of the cable car.

Away I thought to do this was to have domes hanging down from the ceiling that one can put over their head, which then releases pressurised air or mist to recreate the feeling of water running over your scalp. There could also be a fresh scent to the mist/air to remind people of taking a shower, or an audio played of water running. The domes coming down remind me of the old hair dryers used at hair salons in the 60’s which have a similar shape to a beehive. I want to be careful as this is an enclosed space, and want the experience to be pleasant to the people using the installation. I have a range of ideas as to what the domes could look like, so my next step is to start drawing and designing the installation.


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