Week 3: Installation – Mon. Class

For this class, I was lucky enough to be paired with Olivia to create an installation in a confined space based on a given ritual. Our ritual to work with was ‘flexing a muscle’, so our initial thought was human anatomy and how when we flex a muscle tendons and ligaments work together, tensing and relaxing, to perform the movement. We wanted to create something that was interactive as well as show off the the idea tendons and muscles. Our outcome was a bunch of different pulleys that can be pulled to open and close flaps, and move different weights up and down the installation. The opening and closing of flaps reminds us of a flexing muscle, as well as the fact that to move the parts and interact with this installation, you have to physically flex your own muscles to use the pulley systems. I am very pleased with how our installation turned out as I think we showed off our concept well, while also creating an engaging artwork. I found the installations to be aesthetically pleasing as well with the restricted colour palette of brown, black, white, and gold, as well was the geometric and linear shapes of the bases, and objects moving around them, contrasted by the organic and natural shape of the strings hanging down.

Here is some documentation of our installation:


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