Week 2: Site From Afar – Mon. Deliverables

I did two more documentations for the site, but this time from afar meaning that I am able to get a perspective from outside the actual space.

Interview of a Friend:

In 2015, my friend Siobhan stayed at Weir House and used the cable car multiple times a week, so I thought I would interview her about her thoughts on the space and its usefulness.

Myself:  Thinking back to your time living at Weir House, where the cable car stops and is a mode of transport for many university students staying there, how many times a week would you use the cable car?

Siobhan:  At least 4 times a week, it was a huge time saver and very convenient.

M:  What was your usual experience whilst riding the cable car? Was it enjoyable, the usual time of day you would use it, reason for the ride etc.

S:  Either lunch time or late at night. We would go for supermarket runs and not want to walk. It was crowded but the convenience made up for it, so yes it was enjoyable.

M:  What are the number one things you like and dislike about your experience using the cable car?

S:  I like the convenience of it and i don’t like how informal it is to stop. I don’t know why, but I feel very rude just standing up and expecting them to notice I am standing and stop for me. It just seems rude and I feel awkward.

M:  If there is one thing you could change about the cable car and/or its system, what would that be?

S:  Either the stop system or the waiting lines. When the queue stretches down Lambton Quay it’s a huge inconvenience to incoming traffic.

Model of the Site:

I enjoyed model making in class, so I decided to create a model of the space from memory.


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