Week 2: Site Documentations – Mon. Deliverables

Here are my 4 documentations of the site I obtained during my visit to my chosen site, Cable Car Lane and the Wellington Cable Car.

Site by Sound:

This is an audio of the different sounds that can be heard as a pedestrian when walking up Cable Car Lane and riding it up the line.


Viewpoints of The Wellington Cable Car:

I took these photos of what I found to be interesting angles and viewpoints of and from the Cable Car and the space surrounding it.

Speed Drawings:

For one of my classes last year we did a lot of speed drawings and I found it a great way to take notice and document the important pasts of the scene, so I decided to draw 3 main viewpoints or aspects of the cable car.

People That Use The Space:

We are often told not to judge a book by it’s cover, but in this case I wanted to write a few descriptions of the kind of people that used the cable car whilst I was on there. I thought this would be a helpful documentation since it shows me a small portion of the type of audience I will be designing for.

  • Caucasian male, probably early twenties, dressed in blue button up shirt with sleeves rolled to elbows, and brown pants. Hair long and pulled back into a non ironic man bun, facial hair neatly groomed. Seems to be a student as he carries a black backpack, holding a phone in one hand with earphones in. Gets off the cable car at Weir House (Victoria University accommodation) stop. Seems quiet, but bored as if this ride in the cable car is nothing new to him and something he does on a regular basis. He does not take in the sites on the way up, instead looking at his phone and keeping to himself.
  • Caucasian woman, mid thirties, holding a small child’s hand, maybe 3 years old, as well as pushing as stroller with a baby. I assume this woman is a mother, talking with the chatty child, answering questions while also checking on the baby occasionally. This seems to be a trip out of the house for the mother and her children, the child seeming amazed by the sites and novelty of the cable car ride. Baby is being gently rocked to sleep in the stroller the mother rocks back and forth. Woman seems happy, but not quite relaxed and also tired judging by the dark circles under her eyes. Woman is dressed in typical outfit for the weather with nice pants, a t shirt and jacket.
  • Asian woman, forties, wearing clothes with similar styling to those from Macpac or Kathmandu. Talking rapidly in a language that is not english to her travel companion. Obvious tourist, holding brochure for cable car and map of Wellington. Looks out the window with an expression of awe, taking multiple photos when the view permits. Seems excited, often pointing to different buildings that are in view, looks happy and constantly smiling. Carries a day pack, as well as a camera bag, with a DSLR slung around her neck.
  • Elderly caucasian man, maybe sixties, sitting with a group of other elderly passengers. Dressed in smart casual style clothes, seen laughing and talking amongst one another. Overheard talking about their weekly lunch, so assuming they travel up the site each week together. Sometimes glances out the window, but in a way that suggests he knows the view thoroughly. Doesn’t carry anything with him, save for his glasses in his front shirt pocket. Has his hand on what I assume to be his wife’s knee, smiles fondly at her.

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