Week 2: Choosing a Site – Mon. Class

In class today we went about choosing our site for this project. We were able to choose between the “Town Belt” the “South Coast” and the pedestrian access ways between Lambton Quay and The Terrace. I decided to go with the pedestrian access ways between Lambton Quay and The Terrace because of the preexisting infrastructure there which could either be helpful or a constraint. There was also lots of choice within this option as I then got to choose which access way to situate my design.

With others that chose the access ways, we talked about more specific sites such as Mason’s Lane, and Woodward St. After some thinking I decided to choose the Cable Car, and more specifically Cable Car Lane as there is a stop that connects to The Terrace carpark. This site appeals to me as there are tunnels and an alley way, as well as the cable cars themselves to work around and with. With this type of infrastructure I feel like it will give me many options as to what aspect of my ritual I will implement to the space, as well as having those space confinements forcing me to come up with some more interesting and creative ideas.


We then did some model making relating it back to our chosen site using any spare materials we could find.


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