Week 1: More Ritual Documentations – Thurs. Deliverables

Here are some more documentations I did of my chosen ritual, taking a shower.

Shower Audio:

Audio is not a format I ever reach for so I tried something new and recorded this audio of the noises I would hear whilst taking a shower.


Floor Plan:

This is a to scale floor plan of our bathroom I drew, also showing a path of where I walk around to complete my ritual.

Effects of Water:

I wanted to think outside the box for this next documentation so I was looking into why we shower and how we use soap to wash away and kill/erode germs. This made me think how water does the same to a piece of paper, so I took a time lapse video of seeing what would happen when the shower was spraying water onto a balled up piece of paper, whether it would fully disintegrate, or just turn into a wet lump.





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