Week 1: Documentation of Ritual – Mon. Deliverables

nnThis week the deliverables were to chose a ritual and then document this ritual in 5 different ways. To decide what my ritual would be, I created a brainstorm of my favourite ideas from the group brainstorm we did in Monday’s class. I decided on the act of having a shower as I have a very set shower routine which could be quite different to someone else’s, but this would also be a challenge for me as taking a shower is something I believe to be very personal and private. I then went and listed all the different ways I could document this, putting a star next to the ideas I wanted to try, and a question mark next to possibilities. Pictured below is my brainstorm and list of documentation ideas.


My Shower Process:

This is a detailed flowchart of the various steps I go through when taking a shower. I found it difficult to analyse something that I don’t consciously think about and was surprised at some of the way I do things and why, for instance putting on deodorant, and the rest of my clothes before putting on a shirt in order to allow for the deodorant to dry so it does not leave wet/white marks.


Showing a Shower:

I tried going out of my comfort zone by creating a stop motion clip of my shower routine. This shows the various steps I go through, as well as film being a new medium for me to work with. Video can be seen here:

Objects Close-up:

Touch is one of the main senses used while taking a shower, so for this documentation I took close up pictures of the different objects and textures my hands touched during this ritual.

Ritual by Numbers:

One thing I found interesting while thinking about my shower routine is the number of times, and when I use certain objects. This really tells a lot about my process so I made a list in order of when I use each item with a tally chart counting the total times each item is used.


Condition of Hair:

One thing that dictates my shower routine is whether or not I need to wash my hair. Even though I shower everyday, I only wash my hair once every 2-3 days depending on the condition of it. For this documentation I took photos of my hair at various stages of the days to show the difference between when it has been newly washed, and what it is like after a few days.

Row 1: 24h after wash, 36h after wash, 48 h after wash, 60h after wash/just before wash

Row 2: Straight after wash, after 5mins of blow drying

Row 3: after 10mins of blow drying, 5h after wash


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