Week 1: Rituals – Mon. Class

In class today we talked of rituals and what we believe them to be. In groups we brainstormed everyday rituals and somewhat categorised them into personal, shared, public and private. Some of the ideas we included were talking to someone on the phone, going to a gig/concert, and making a bed. Below is our brainstorm of common tasks/procedures what we consider to be rituals.


We found it interesting how some rituals everyone performs, such as having a shower, yet everyone has a different set routine or way they go about completing the ritual. In class our tutor Kate made a comment suggesting that we are “trying to become conscious about something we are purposefully unconscious about”. I found this thought interesting and we discovered it to be more difficult than we thought while analysing our chosen ritual (taking a shower). Having to think about the steps we take that come naturally and automatic to us was challenging, but interesting in looking at the steps we take to complete the ritual, but also why and when we do particular steps. Below is a chart of some the steps we consider need to be taken while taking a shower. We also listed different ways we could document this ritual down the side, some of our ideas being taking macro photos of the different surfaces and textures we touch during the ritual, and recoding the different sounds we hear.


Lastly as a group we were asked to document a certain ritual that happens in or around the spatial design building. We chose to document the ritual of working in a group. To do this we watched observed another group as they were trying to document the ritual of walking down stairs. We documented them by taking photos/videos, taking note of the time it took them to do certain steps and graphing who was talking and moving about during that time. Below is a list I wrote of the different interactions between the members of the group, which I labelled A, B, C, and D.



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